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Prioritizing Self-Care

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

What is self-care and why is it important?

Self-care is the act of prioritizing yourself through engagement in activities that help reduce stress and increase personal wellness. Managing stress is an important part of maintaining personal health and wellness. Most people find themselves struggling to meet life demands at certain points in their lives. Whether it’s caring for family and friends, meeting deadlines, dealing with unexpected circumstances, or juggling multiple tasks, we all can experience stressful times at different stages in our lives. During our most challenging times, self-care might not cross our minds, but it’s during these times that we likely need it the most.

We prioritize caring for others, why not prioritize caring for ourselves too?

Self Care-Activities

Self-care activities are unique to each individual and include things that reduce stress and increase inner peace, balance and personal wellness. Watch the video posted below for a little inspiration. Additionally, here are some basic examples of self-care activities:

  • daily exercise

  • reading a good book

  • journaling

  • practicing your faith

  • engaging in prayer

  • meditation

  • spending quality time with a loved one

  • taking a bath

  • stretching

  • taking a walk in nature

  • star gazing

  • learning a new skill

  • making and taking time to engage in a hobby you enjoy

  • expressing yourself through art or music

  • whatever else makes your heart sing!

Therapy can also be an effective method of self-care. Therapy can provide you with a space where you can express your thoughts, feelings and experiences and learn new ways to reduce anxiety, and cope with life stressors. Innate Freedom Counselling clients can establish their own self-care plan through a complimentary 4-week online program.

Innate Freedom Counselling offers online video counselling and phone counselling. Online counselling is a convenient way to access counselling support from the comfort of your own environment. To book a session, please click here, or for more information, reach out to the therapist by email at or phone (825) 250-8415.

Warmest regards.

Innate Freedom Counselling

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