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Simple, Fun Family Time Ideas

Finding time to spend with those we love can be difficult, especially in the midst of a busy, hectic schedule. Setting aside a specific time and date to engage in some family fun can help build family bonds and fond memories. Looking for some simple, fun family activities? Check out the short video posted below.

Here's a short list of inexpensive ideas to try at home (as listed in the video):

  • Treasure hunt - Hide some treasures in sand, dirt or sugar and let the kids dig for the special items! Hint: this might get a little messy; prepare accordingly ;)

  • Indoor camping - While it might be too cold to go camping outside in the fall and winter months, but what's stopping you from setting up camp in a homemade fort or tent indoors? Bring out flashlights, make s'mores, share stories, play cards or games, all while staying warm at home!

  • Organize a space and donate old items to charity - Sometimes it's hard to let go of things we've held on to. Here's some helpful tips for letting go:

    • Pick a designated time and day to commit to the activity.

    • Pick some charities in your area to donate to.

    • Go through the items in the space and consider what's no longer needed.

    • Have some boxes and bags ready for the task!

Although this activity might not be as fun as indoor camping or dancing, it could both increase motivation to organize a space, and help others in need by donating to charity.

  • Take a walk - Getting out for a walk for some exercise can positively impact mental health and increase feelings of well-being. Try taking a stroll through a local park, or take a walk to a shop in your area. Even a short stroll around the neighbourhood would do.

  • Art projects - The sky is the limit! Get creative with things you have at home and start an art project. Search online for cool project ideas like vision boards, photo collages, scrapbooks, etc.

  • Make music - Try joining a drumming circle in your community, or joining a singing group. If you get really ambitious, you could try writing a song about your family or something you enjoy.

Hint: If you don't have an instrument, sometimes you can find used, inexpensive options at thrift stores. Don't know how to play? Try taking lessons, or find free info online. Who knows, maybe there's an app for that?

  • Dance it up - Get some exercise at home and jam out to your favourite tunes. As the old saying goes, dance like no one's watching!

  • Plant an indoor garden - Plant some herbs such as parsley, rosemary, basil, oregano, and chives. Teaching kids how to grow and care for their own plants are good skills to learn, and can be a rewarding experience. It's exciting to watch the plants grow and you'll also get the benefits of fresh herbs in your meals!

  • Start a family history journal - You could start by listing family members and identifying what is unique about each one. You could include family stories and family history, writing about good times and challenges you've overcome. The journal could outline goals and dreams for the future too! Add some pictures to the pages to personalize it.



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