Self-Care Plan

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  • 9Steps
Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the program ends.


Most people find themselves struggling to meet life demands at certain points in their lives. Whether it’s caring for family and friends, completing work or school deadlines, dealing with unexpected circumstances, or juggling unique stressors, we all can experience tough times in a variety of different stages. During our most stressful periods, self-care might not cross our minds, but it’s during these times we likely need it the most. Self-care is the act of prioritizing yourself through engagement in activities that help reduce stress and increase personal wellness. Managing stress is an important part of maintaining personal health and wellness. We prioritize caring for others, why not prioritize caring for ourselves too? Self-Care Plan Program The Self-Care Plan program is designed to help you explore and identify your preferred self-care activities and make a commitment to take time to engage in self-care each week . You'll start by creating a personalized self-care journal to document your progress throughout the program. Each week begins with tasks and a commitment to engage in at least one self-care activity within each week. Items you'll need: -Journal and pen or a device to develop a journal.

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